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Theater Company

Company 2016

Rachel Ameen, Chris Belmonte, Maggie Bornstein, Clara Brandt, Emma Brandt, Aisha Chodat, Lisa Eichel, Lili Fichera, Cade Giordano, Valerie Heath, Kelley Knight, Jake LoGiudice, Maya Looker, Lily MacLeod, Beth McDougall, Cailin McFarland, Jake Martin, Spencer O’Dowd, Beth Randall, Claire Renales, Griffen Rogers, Vanessa Romaides, Jonas Ruzek, James Sheridan, Edward Speck, Max Vye.

Apprentices 2016

Nina Dubus, Tristan Horan, Katie Lassor, Ally Sholtz

Board of Directors

Pam Ameen, Alyssa Gibbs, Caleigh Holden, Elena Jespersen, Judith Kamber,  Mark Sandt, Edward Speck, Theresa Curry

If you are interested in fostering the arts in Newburyport, you might want to consider serving on the Board. Please contact us at (978) 465-2572 or theaterintheopen@comcast.net


Carol Feingold, Lane Glenn, Marshall Jespersen and Vera Struck


To contact anyone on our staff, please see the Contacts page.

Artistic Director  . . .  Edward Speck
Executive Director  . . .  Kelly Shea Knowles
Production Manager . . . Beth Randall
Technical Director . . .  Kevin Thomas
Publicist . . . Emily Tordo
Residency Advisor . . . Cailin McFarland
Facilities Manager . . . Andrew Courtney, Red Hammer Builders
Bookkeeper  . . .  Joyce Thomas