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Dear Friends,

What does Theater in the Open mean to you? Is it a memory of time spent performing, learning or teaching? Is it watching your child explore during Summer Arts Workshop, finding new levels of self-confidence? Is it sitting out at Maudslay State Park on a perfect summer afternoon, sharing the pure joy of a Shakespeare comedy with friends and neighbors?

Theater in the Open means so many things to so many people and we are privileged to have made such a positive impact on this community over the years. Now, as our 35th season is drawing to a close, we reflect on this longevity often. We want to continue meeting our community’s need for inventive and original family-friendly theater for many years to come. To do so, we need your help.

We hope you’ll consider a gift or $50, $100 or more to Theater in the Open this year. Your support is completely tax-deductible and makes a real difference, particularly as our local cultural councils struggle with budget cuts. This past year, donor support helped us to stage Harlequin Mother Goose: A Higgeldy-Piggeldy Panto, Family Hour in the OpenAs You Like It, our biggest Maudslay is Haunted ever, and in just a few weeks, Cinderella in December: A Frozen Fairy Tale Panto.  We are proud of our productions and the artists who create them, and grateful to you, our audience, for your enthusiasm and generosity.

Support from donors like you also helps to underwrite our Summer Arts Workshop Scholarship Program, allowing us to keep pace with the increased scholarship requests we receive each year. We believe it is critical that our arts education programs are accessible to children from diverse economic backgrounds.

To continue our work, to keep our performances free at Maudslay State Park, and to offer the Arts Education Program Scholarships that make such a difference to area families, we need your support. Please consider giving today, and please remember, your donation is a gift to this entire community.

Happy holidays to you and yours.

All the best,

Edward F. Speck
Artistic Director

Kelly Shea Knowles
Business Manager


Theater in the Open has sought to provide high quality art to our community for the past 34 years, with a philosophical emphasis on accessibility.  In order to further that goal, we announced in March, 2011, that our theatrical productions “in the Open” at Maudslay State Park would be offered free to the public.  Please consider making a gift today to support free performances “in the Open.”  Click the link below or  mail your check made out to On Stage, Inc. to:

Theater in the Open
P.O.Box 215
Newburyport MA 01950

Our Endowment

George A. Randall Endowment Fund:  In 2010 we established an endowment fund as a memorial to our long time friend and supporter George A. Randall (November 18, 1944 – January 17, 2010). The fund is an investment in our future and will be used to secure a long-term residence for Theater in the Open. Contributions are tax deductible. If you wish to help secure our future, please note this fund on your check made out to On Stage, Inc.

Be a Sponsor

Sponsoring Theater in the Open signals that you or your business cares about the culture of your community.  Begin a partnership today! You can download our sponsorship form here.

Sponsorship levels:

Mountain Laurel……………………………….Donation $2,000.00
Full page ad in our programs, 8″ x 5″, listed as sponsor on our website, logo on all outgoing communications, and a logo on each of our show posters

Rhododendron………………………………..Donation $1,000.00
Half page ad in our programs, 4″ x 2.5″, listed as sponsors on our website, logo on all outgoing communications

Azalea……………………………………………….Donation $500.00
Quarter page ad in our programs, listed as sponsor on our website

Lady Slipper……………………………………..Donation $250.00
Businesss Card size ad in our programs, listed as sponsor on our website

Meet our Sponsors:

Our Mountain Laurel:
 institution charitable
Our Azalea:
Our Lady Slippers:
Jeremy and Arlene Barnard

Special Thanks:

to Leslie Aisner Novak for her generous donation and maintenance of audience seating. Please visit for more information on her products.