Volunteering for Maudslay is Haunted!

Want to help us haunt Maudslay?

MaudHaunt13-9044_originalEvery year, Theater in the Open invites the public to Maudslay State Park for our beloved spooky fundraiser.   On the two performance days, our audience will walk a pre-marked trail through the park and encounter 20-30 chilling and fun skits. That’s where you come in.

Why Volunteer?
-Not only is Maudslay is Hauntedwicked fun time and long-time north shore tradition, it is also a very important fundraiser for Theater in in the Open.  By participating you help to support our mission of providing top quality arts education and free theater to our entire community.  Thank you!

Who can volunteer?
-anyone who loves to play and is available for the rehearsal and performance dates listed below
Performing in a skit with your child is a great way to spend some quality family time!  We ask that children 10 and under are accompanied by a parent/guardian volunteer for the performances, so why not have some fun by trying something new and participating as a family?

Do I need to have a skit idea when I arrive?
-You can come with a group of friends who want to work together and have an idea for a skit, or you can come by yourself with no idea and we’ll find you a group and an idea to work with. Or almost anything in between!
-There will be Theater in the Open experts who will help your group shape a skit that will be fun to perform and to watch.

What else do I need to know?
-all rehearsals will be at The Gatehouse at 1 Spring Lane. The performances will be at the Park but volunteers should be dropped off and picked up at the Gatehouse, where costumes and props will be stored.
-The gates are open from 2-4 PM on both days and the audience walks the trail in groups, which takes about an hour per group. So…

-You will perform your skit several times during the two hours that the audience is walking the Trail.MaudHaunt13-0242_original
-We need volunteers in make-up, costume and at their skits sites, ready to go by 2 PM, which is why we ask everyone to be at the Gatehouse at noon on the performance days.
-the last audience group begins the Trail at 4 PM so volunteers shouldn’t expect to be done before 5 PM and then factor in time to return to the Gatehouse and store costumes and props.
-Theater in the Open has lots of costumes and props to use but we might ask you to wear something of your own (something you already have) or help us build something for you. Please provide your own shoes.
-October weather is unpredictable so we will try to costume you in layers and you should bring whatever water, snacks etc you might need on the performance days


Great! When should I be there?
Saturday Oct. 1st, 12-2pm: Orientation Meeting
Saturday Oct. 8, 12-2pm: First rehearsal
Sunday Oct. 9, 12-3pm: Second Rehearsal and Costuming
Saturday Oct. 15, 12-3:30/4pm: Final Rehearsal on site with props
Saturday Oct. 22, 12 to 5:30/6pm: Performance
Sunday Oct. 23, 12 to 5:30/6pm: Performance
Saturday Oct. 29: Raindate

Can’t commit to all rehearsals?  Not interested in acting?  There are plenty of other ways to help on the day of the event, from helping to park cars to wearing a Grimm Reaper puppet!  Please shoot us an email if you can volunteer for either show dates.

Who should I contact with any questions?
Please email info@theaterintheopen.org , and thank you!