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Theater in the Open’s Summer Arts Workshop has been educating and enriching the lives of local children at an affordable rate for 34 years, and we hope to continue for another 34!  We also have a proud tradition of meeting the scholarship needs of every family that applies.  Unfortunately, when we lost the Coachman Property and Barn in Maudslay State Park 5 years ago we lost our ability to grow the program to meet the demands of our community.  We are now looking for other ways to expand within Maudslay State Park, but we will need to convince donors, businesses and government representatives that there is a demand for our program and that its expansion will truly benefit the youth and working families of our community.  If our Summer Arts Workshop has had an impact on your life, please consider sending a brief testimonial to with subject line “testimonial,” and include your name and town of residence.  We will post these testimonials on our website and compile them for use in advocacy.  1,000 thanks to all those who have attended, and all those who have entrusted us with their children over these past 37 years!